4 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Vouchers

  1. Had a wonderful day learning how to make and bake sourdough bread. Certainly not what I expected. A longer process than making bread with bakers yeast but nevertheless it certainly fits into my bread making day.
    A convert who recommends sourdough bread any day!


  2. Hi,

    Just spoke on the phone and we provisionally agreed the – 11th Feb. Spoke to my friend and both Caroline and gerry would like to join us. Is three too many?

    I’ll confirm that they are both available tomorrow but a basic course would be great plus some extras if that works.



    1. Ok, fabulous. Three is fine. I will do the basic sourdough course and you will have plenty of time to ask questions. You would generally make a white, a whole spelt and a rye on the day. If there is a particular loaf of mine you have bought and liked, we can make that. Or state your preferred type of flour and we can make a loaf from that. We also make sweet rolls and cheese biscuits.

      Here are my bank account details at Starling Bank.

      Account Number: 07819785
      Sort Code: 608371
      Account Name: Tracey Law

      Or pay through my online shop.

      Many thanks. Tracey


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