Why should we eat organic sourdough instead of mass produced bread?

The rise in artisan bread production across the country is only 5% of the bread market share, but growing all of the time. Health of the nation has been suffering. Bloating, pain, intolerance to modern wheat yeasted bread has been around for many years forcing some to become gluten free. Many have taken matters into their own hands. Some have started growing heritage grain wheats. Others have started baking with those heritage grains.

Did you know that all non organic wheat is sprayed with a known carcinogen ‘Roundup’. Many of us have been campaigning for the ban on this chemical. However it’s use is continued with reassurance from the manufacturer that as long as the wheat is sprayed two weeks before it is harvested, that the chemical is broken down. However studies show that lots of wheat tested have residual traces in the grain. Why are we putting weed killer on our crop I hear you ask. The whole wheat plant is killed before harvest, in order that it dries out and the bounty (seed) is more easily harvested. Farmers control the harvesting by deciding when the plant should die and dry out and not have to wait for the nature to do the job. How crazy is that? Who would have thought spraying something we eat deliberately with a petrochemical weed killer would be a good idea?

Sourdough is a naturally fermented product. Just flour and water create a leaven which make bread rise. Yeast is just one fungi strain of this leaven, identified as being ‘the one’ that gives consistent rise in less time. It is extracted and used in commercial bread making. However, this process forces the dough to prove quicker. Slow fermentation of sourdough is the key to good digestion of wheat. Many people find eating sourdough does not give digestive symptoms such as bloating, discomfort and loose stools.

For a more in depth look at this topic, Restoring Heritage Grains by Eli Rogosa is a fabulous insight into our forefathers knowledge of grain.

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